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Speed effect on multiple clips


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Hi, I am a new user of the program.


I am trying to apply a speed effect of multiple clips.. I have about 900 images that I want to be played very fast... here is what I can do:

  • I can set the default duration to any single decimal with .1 being the lowest. This applies it to all images when I import media.
  • I can set the duration individually for each media, or photo in this case. I want to do 0.01 which the program translates to 0.0. Perfect for what I am trying to do, but do not want to do it individually almost 1000 times, especially when the program lags up with almost 1000 clips.
  • I can apply an effect to multiple clips when I select them all and right click...



I cannot select the speed effect for the multiple clip apply, I am assuming because it could be a different speed for different clips? so it's not just 1 effect that is used in one way..


Is it possible to find a plug-in for an additional speed effect that is permanently set at a certain speed, say 250%, that I could apply that to all?



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I think you may be mistaken here. You can't select multiple clips/images on which to add an effect. If you are in story board mode, it may seem that all the clips highlight blue if you do the clasic Windows SHIFT and select first and last clip, but as soon as you select an effect it defaults to the first clip selected only. It's the same with transitions. However, you CAN select and delete multiple clips from your sequence in this way.


Again, in storyboard mode you can select 0,01 for the clip duration and it will default to 0.0 However it seems this IS ZERO seconds duration. i.e. The clip in question doesn't play. Check the time line above the sequence...it remains at 0.0 (In fact 1/100 second is really too short for animations.)The shortest Options default for images is 0.1 seconds (which works OK for most animation made with single images. The fact that you can actually enter 0.01 to the storyboard box but not in the Options default box may simply be an oversight, or possibly due to the fact that the "Options" box uses down and up arrows to change the value and stops at 0.1 anyway)


Now if you really want it 10 times faster than thge 0.1 second default, I think the best way for you to proceed if you have 1000 or so images is to set your default to 0.1 seconds under "Options" and then add all the images automatically to the sequence line in the correct order from your media list. As you have so many you may have to do this from the list page by page. The sequence will now be your animation at 0.1 seconds per image.


Now save your animation to your PC as a suitable avi. You MAY find this plays to your liking <_< But if you think it is still too slow...... :blink:


Reload the avi back into VP (it will now be a single clip) and set the speed effect so as to give the animation you are after. If you want it to be the equivalent to 0.01 ( 1/100 sec per image....10x faster) you will (theoretically ) need to set the speed slider to 1000 (i.e 10 x 100%) but you will most probably find this won't work. 500% gives a fast flicker of the images. It's up to you.


There are lots of different plugins on the Virtualdub site that will work with VP but I am not sure if there is a speed up feature that will work in the way you want though.




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