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Inserting Title Sequence


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I've built a complicated timeline and everything's working well. Now, I want to insert a title sequence, shifting all content to the right but, when I attempt this, only the clips move. The overlay and sound tracks do not. Is there an easy way to shift all content to the right for the insertion of new content at the beginning?

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To my mind this is an annoying drawback. As you say,you can insert a clip anywhere into the timeline and your clips and their associated soundtracks will shuffle along to the right to make way for the new bit. That's great! Unfortunately separate sound clips on any other track will not notthis shuffling act. Furthermore you can't link them together like windows files (using the select + shift key) to move them en masse. (Oddly you CAN do this in movie maker.)


As far as I am aware the only way is to move each sound clip along the correct distance manually or at least individually. This can be a bit of a pain if you have lots of carefully synched sounds.


There is a way to make this a bit easier however. (You may need to note this down...)


Let's assume that the video clip you want to insert is 12 seconds long. You will need to create (or cut down) a sound clip to exactly this length. (let's call this sound clip "Measure")


Add your new clip to the sequence. This will move your film along leaving all the unassociated sound clips in their original places.


Now, each sound clip will need to move along the sequence 12 seconds so as to resynchronise them with the main track as well as retain thier individual separations. You will need to work along each sound track one at a time.


Scroll along to the end of your film and then drag "Measure" from the media list and drop it onto the first free soundtrack.


Check in "Options/Other" that when soundclips overlap that the action is set to "Push clips to the right".

(I think you will be seeing where this is leading.... ;) )


Now, working from the end of your sequence backwards drag "Measure" along until its front end lines up with the front end of the sound clip on the track above. (ie the fronts are both in line)

You will now see that the upper sound clip must move to the right 12 seconds, ie the length of "Measure"

Simply drag the upper clip down on top of "Measure" and release it.

As it overlaps, it will jump along to the right of "Measure" and and end up touching "Measure". It will have moved onto "Measure's" track but 12 seconds to the right.


Just repeat this for every sound clip on the track to be moved. (and do the same for any other tracks.)


The final result will be that all the sound clips will have been moved to the right the same duration as the new inserted clip but will be on a lower sound track (which is not important.)


OK, it's a bit laborious but it's quicker than manually moving each sound clip to the right 12 seconds and trying to use the timescale to do it. (Might be 12.3 seconds!)


Hope this helps



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Thank you. I had too many overlays and sound bites to change this way so I produced the movie and started a new project, inserting the movie and adding the opening title sequence. The second production only took a few minutes as it was a pretty simple project.


This would be a great enhancement to the tool... to allow the insertion of a new clip, moving "all" content to the right.


Thanks for your time.

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