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Thinking of Buying VideoPad


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I am thinking of getting the VideoPad movie making software.

I have a few questions that I could not find answers to on the website.


First, I see that you can insert text, but can it be done with various effects and colors rather than plain text? Secondly, I see that music can be imported, but is there an included library of background music and clips? Also, is there much difference between the $30 and $50 versions? Lastly, is there an included step-by-step manual included? Thanks. Tom

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You can add text in any of the fonts present on your PC and in any of the standard palette colours as well as user defined shades. Both text colour and outline colour can be set. The text is added as an overlay to the background video (or blank frame)and can be faded in or out and made to scroll L-R R-L U-D D-U . It can be resized and repositioned within the frame and its opacity can be set. There is also an option to add subtitles with similar controls re colour, font and size.


In v 2.41 there is no library of music or clips. I am not aware of a manual as such but there is a fairly comprehensive help file that can be printed out and which explains the use of the main options available in VP.



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