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Overlaping sound clips


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Perfectly possible and the easiest way is to use the "Narrate" option.

Open VP and use the "Add media" button on the toolbar to add your video to the media list. Drag your video from the list onto the main sequence line where it will play with the game sounds. (Use timeline mode). Set the cursor where you want to place your voices.


Click the "Narrate" button on the toolbar. Connect a microphone to your PC (I use the pale green jackplug socket on my PC) and set the recording volume, either directly with your soundcard by right clicking the loudspeaker icon (if you have one) in the program tray at the bottom right corner of the screen and accessing the sound recording options or by using the input channel "Windows record mixer" option in the narrate window. In order to avoid recording your video sound via your PC speakers (and feedback) turn your PC speakers down.


Say something into the mike to check the sound level with the built in indicator. Place the cursor where you want to start and click the red button. Record your comments as this video plays. Click the square button to stop. This creates a sound file in your designated folder and places a copy at the cursor position on soundtrack 1 and also on the media list.


When you play your video both tracks will be audible. If necessary you can add fades etc to either sound track to ensure relative levels are suitable and neither drowns each other out. (Remember to turn up your speakers.. :) )


As an alternative you can record a separate sound file (eg a wav file), add it to the media list and drag it to soundtrack 1 in the position you want.




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Hi nat thanks for your help but our voices are recorded in Ventrilo (the software we us to talk to each other) as we play in multiplayer i am also trying to put it on sound track one but it just skips to the point after the gamesound ends (still on a different track)


I whould be greatful for a reply thanks!

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Sorry don't know much about Ventrilio but I understand you can save the voice sounds from your multiuser game using the "record" button within that software. The resulting file as far as I can gather is a vrf file. If this is correct you should convert this to either a wav or mp3 file, which are formats that can be loaded into VP.


However, going back to your video file. When you load this into VP it should have its associated (linked) sound track display on the Audio track line. If this is correct...does it play OK?

If it does, so far so good.


Get your voice clip onto the media list. (wav or mp3 format preferably) and drag this down to Soundtrack 1 and drop it there.


Irrespective of where it lands,you can drag it left or right with the mouse cursor along the track to the correct position vertically under your video track (and of course the audio track.) It should not jump anywhere else when you release it.


You may have to zoom in or out if this sound clip is a long one (much longer than the video clip) as in timeline mode the video clip is squashed up to enable the sound clip to appear in its entirety.


So if you now have your video clip plus its own audio track (which should check plays OK) and your voice clip is under this on Soundtrack 1 they should play together.


Hope this helps



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