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How to cut out unwanted bits of a video


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No bother.


Open VP and left click the "Add Media" button at the top left of the toolbar to find and load your video clips onto the media list.


From the media list drag and drop your clip to the sequence line. (Or you can right click them and choose the "Add clip to the sequence" option.)


Now play the clip to the start of the unwanted bit. Alternativly you can drag the red line cursor to this point.


At the left of the main video track you will see a button marked "Split" Left click this button and you clip will be cut at the cursor position.


Now play the video (or drag the cursor line) to the end of the bit you don't want and split the clip again. This will isolate the bit you want to remove as a separate clip.


Right click this section to highlight (select) it and from the menu simply choose "Remove selected clip" .


That's all you need to do.



As an alternative, split your clip at the end of the bad bit and then drag the cut along to the left so removing the bad bit. (It will still be there but won't play, so you can drag it back into existence if you want.)



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