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The problem by reproduction avi movies on DVD player


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I installed VideoPad few days ago. This is an excellent tool for video processing, probably the best in the world . But I have a problem with video playback on DVD player. I edited the movie with VideoPad Video Editor (Xvid MPEG-4 Codec with default settings). When I want to speed up the film forward or rewind 2x, 4x, up to 32x, it's my dvd player does not allow. This happens only when playing DVD. When playing video on the computer I have no such problems.

When playing video processed in other video editors (VirtualDub, AVS Video Editor, Freemake video Converter) I don't have these problems. These editors allow the acceleration of the film forward or rewind when playing on DVD player. In the upper left corner of the TV is displayed this sign ᴓ.

I ask for help all those who have had such or similar problems.



Sorry for my bad English.

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Don't know the answer to this as my DVD player will jump into fast forward mode OK with VP edited films. However..I create my DVDs with Windows DVD Maker and not VP as I prefer to have menus.


I would suggest the following:


Edit your film with VP

Save it to your PC as an avi using your best settings

Use Windows DVD maker to create your DVD.


See if this works for you.



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