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Editing/Removing frames in Videopad


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I'm new at Videopad. Just downloaded version 2.41. Have managed certain functins, but I'm struggling with editing.....removing designated only frames.


Can't seem to find anything specific in the Help.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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"Frames" in VP has a very loose meaning, since although you can apparently see individual "frames" on the sequence line when in timeline mode, it depends on the degree of zoom you have set. However, removing frames (or a section of your sequence presents no problem. For a start do this in Timeline mode.


Use the "Add media " button to place you clips into the media list window and then drag and drop them from there onto the sequence line. (As an alternative you can right click each one on the list and select from the menu to add them to the sequence. They will add to the start/end/cursor position depending on the setting in Options/Other)


To remove a whole clip, simply right click it to select it and choose to "Remove selected clip" from the menu.


To remove a section of a clip (or your "designated frames") you will need to ascertain the start position of the selected section to delete by either playing the clip and then stopping at the correct point, or more easily by grabbing and moving the red cursor bar backwards and forwards whilst monitoring the movie in the right hand preview window. Do this by grabbing the little heart shaped spot at the top of the line.


Once you have the cursor line where you want the cut to start, left click the button marked "Split" at the left end of the sequence line. This will cut your video clip into two.


Now slide the cursor along to the position where you want your film to restart. Click the "Split" button again which will cut the clip once more so isolating the piece you dont want. The section to be removed will now highlight blue.


Right click on this section and choose "Remove selected clip". Your selection will be removed and the film will join together.


If you want to remove "frames" then place the cursor at the first cut point. Depending on how specific you want to be (at 25 fps you don't need to be THAT phaffy :mellow: ...but you can be if you want :unsure: ) set the zoom function at the bottom right of the screen as high as you need. Move the slider to the left or use the + button.


With your start point set, step through the clip a "frame" at a time using the < and > buttons either side of the "Play" triangle. Stop when you arrive at the point in the movie where you want to cut it again and repeat the steps outlined above to remove your selection.


If you find you cant grab or click on the slice you have made because it is too narrow, switch into storyboard mode when the section to be removed will be seen as a complete thumbnail no matter how short it is. You can easily right click this and remove it.


If you want another way to edit a bit out, then split your film at the END of the section to be removed (ie make a split where you want your film to restart) and then grab and drag the end of the left hand clip towards the left. This will remove (hide) your desired section. You only need one cut and you can drag the end in and out until it is where you want it.


Hope this helps.



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