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Snapping to Playhead/Clip Begin or End


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Hey all,


Just started using VideoPad and am really enjoying it.


I searched through the forums and couldn't find an answer to this - maybe it's obvious and I'm just missing something.


Is there an option to turn on or use "Snapping" to line up clips within the timeline? Or to be able to adjust a clip to line up with they playhead? In moving overlays and audio files around I often feel like I'm guessing at their start/end locations a little too much.




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AFAIAA There is nothing available in VP to do what you are after i.e. automatically line up clips (presumably one under the other.) All video clips automatically line up end to end as they are added to the sequence, or inserted between existing clips when dragged and dropped to a particular location, or inserted at the cursor position. However soundtrack lines and overlays behave differently....


Overlays can be dragged so that they overlap each other and they can be linked to a sequence line clip but otherwise they remain independant and don't automatically move when the sequence track is disturbed.


To get the cursor line to the start of a clip or overlay simply left (or right) click the clip. The cursor will jump to the start of that clip. (You don't [can't] move the clip without the cursor moving) If an overlay has been linked to the clip above then you can left (or right) click the overlay and the cursor line will jump to the start of the overlay.


However, as regards the SOUNDTRACK LINES. All sound clips remain independant and cannot be linked together. This would, in fact be a useful feature, as in the event that you needed to insert a new video clip in between the ones already on the sequence, the action displaces the sequence to the right but unfortunately it doesn't move the soundtracks along which can be annoying particularly if you have spent a lot of time getting them all to synch in correctly with the video. Being able to link sound clips together along the various soundtracks would be useful as you could then at least move them along en masse whilst retaining their separations and level settings.)


It is not possible to automatically place the cursor at the start of a particular sound clip or make the soundclip move to the cursor position by clicking it. (You can however, as with video clips, add a sound clip to the cursor position from the media list--Use "Options/Other" to set this effect.) In general though, you will have to do things visually or audibly by playing the sequence with regards the sound.



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