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Insert video clip moving audio clips too


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I have made my first film (VideoPad 2.41) with many pictures, videos, texts, audio clips (narrations and background music). Many useful features I have found.

Now, I should insert a video clip inside of the film, at slider's position or at the beginning. When I do so, the following pictures, videos and texts (linked with video clips) move to the right, but not my audio clips, which are narrations to the pictures or videos or "blanks".

Does anybody knows, how I can achieve this?

Thank you very much.

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This is a problem I am afraid that occurs when you add a further video clip to the middle (or start) of an already edited film on the sequence line that has sound effects etc. on the lower soundtracks. Inserting the new clip moves the video track and its associated sound track along to the the right (which is logical) but doesn't move the sound clips along the other tracks, leaving them out of synch from the point of the new insertion.


Unfortunately there doesn't seem a way to even link the sound clips on a track together so you could move them en masse along the track and so retain their separation. This a feature available in other editors (even WMM!) and it seems strange it hasn't been implemented here.


The only way I see that you can do it (and which I have had to do from time to time) is to start at the end of your sequence and move each sound clip individually along the respective track to the old synch position. With a long film containing dozens of sound clips on several tracks this is quite a task.



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