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Can't load large files?


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Hi folks, first time here. I'm a paid user of the VideoPad software (although the NCH system did NOT recognise my email address!!).


I am having trouble loading a file that is almost 2GB in size. I loaded an identical sized file yesterday, and was able to edit it okay. Today, i load a new 2GB file, and the program crashes constantly.


Is there a problem with the software, or is there a quick fix?


I'm using Windows 7, on a 32-bit system with 3GB of RAM.


Please help? Thanks, Mark

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Normally VP can load large files and 2GB should not be a problem although it may take a while. (I have some over 3.5GB that load OK.)

Note that although the main load window shows it has loaded and the clip name appears in the media list window the load bar at the bottom right of the screen may continue to show loading activity for quite some time further.


I would also suggest that you go into Options and untick the two boxes relating to removing the cache files (if they are ticked) and then click the "Clear cache" button, followed by trying to reload your clip.



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