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I am new here & just put a video on here I did with my camera...At certain places on the video I shook the camera & messed up places in the video...I want to know how to remove these bad sections of my video so it looks good without the sections that are all blurred & distorted..I am new here so please make it easy

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OK. First of all open VP and then click "Add Media"

Navigate to the folder that holds your video and load your video to the media list. It will list up on the left.


Click (grab) your video on the list and drag it to, and drop it onto the sequence line. (There are other ways)

You can now preview it in the right hand window when you click the Play tab (The triangle). As it plays the red cursor bar will move along the sequence line. Stop the video playing when the bad bit is reached. You can drag the red cursor line right or left to pin-point the spot excactly by grabbing the little circle at the top.

Now click the button marked "Split" at the left of the screen. This will cut your sequence at the cursor point creating in effect two clips.


Now play further along the sequence (the right hand clip) until you reach the end of the bad bit. Once again grab and drag the cursor line to the exact point if needed and then split the sequence again exactly as above. You will now have three clips on the sequence line.


Your bad bit of film will now be isolated in the middle. Right click the bad bit of film to select it (It will highlight blue) and from the menu that appears choose to "Remove the selected clip"

Your bad bit of film will be removed and the ends of the good bits will slide togther and play without a break. They will remain as two clips as you can't join them together again.


However behind the scenes all your clip is still present.



If you find the cut is not exactly where you want it you can still drag the ends of the two clips you have created to replace all or part of the bit you removed.


In fact you can remove a section by cutting at the end of the bad bit and then dragging the end of the left hand clip to the left, in effect "hiding" the bad section.



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