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adding a new clip


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imagine that i've added a clip with the name "Intro_Image", and it's already on the alignment of my video, and everything's fine and working.


But then i discover that my clip needs to be changed, for eg a new image...But as it is all ready aligned on the project, the thing i do is to save the new clip replacing the 1st one, with the same name.


the VPO recognizes is, an in the time line i see the new image, but when i play the preview the image is the oldest one.....


how can i solve this?

does VP have some kind of refresh button to update the files?


i've tried to close, and open it again...but nothing.






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If all you want to do is change the clip then give the new clip a different name ....say "Intro_image2" Add it to the Media list. **

Go into Storyboard mode and note the duration of the current clip. Drag and drop your new image/clip so that it follows the current image/clip and then adjust its duration to match.

Now select and remove the old image/clip.

The new one will replace the old one.

Resave the project.

Both clips will still list up just as before.


**(In fact if you add a same name clip to the media list, VP adds 1-2-3 etc. so it won't automatically overwrite as the added clip is always different. However, I think :mellow: that if you remove the old clip from the media list first without altering the sequence and then add a same named new clip it will overwrite it if you then save the project and then reload it but to avoid timing difficulties with any synched sound tracks they would have to be identical durations.)




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