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size of an overlay chroma key


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I'm using VP succefully,and finding it very useful :) and simple.But now that i'm trying to use a chroma key on the overlay, My problem is that the original video/input has the resolution of 1440X1080, as well as the options in the VP.


But as this overlay / chroma key has a person, and when i insert the overlay the image makes the person taller and skinnier - changes the porportion.



can you hel me?please




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In short--If you add an image/video to the overlay track it should have the same aspect ratio as the main video. If not then you will be left with borders where the main video will be visible.


This assuming you have placed your overlay in the centre and enlarged to full size. There will be no borders if the overlay has the same aspect as the main video and no distortion either.


If the overlay has a different aspect then there will be parts of the background video visible, but, again, your overlay will not stretched or distorted. You can change the aspect of the overlay so it matches your video in two ways. Both involve cropping (or zooming)


Click the overlay so it appears in the left preview pane and add a crop effect, setting the option to 16:9 (if thats the video ratio of you main video); setting the overlay central and using the size slider to make the overlay as large as it will go. It will expand to either reach from side to side or from top to bottom depending on the aspect ratio.Now move the red rectange in the crop window up or down to set it where you want. You will lose some of the overlay top or bottom or both depending where you set it. If the overlay is actually smaller then it may be also expanded to fit the frame with the size adjustment


The other way is using the "none" option and then dragging the borders of the red rectangle out until the overlay just covers the video. (as seen in the right hand preview window).Inevitably you will lose some of the imagery in the overlay but it won't deform it (It may enlarge it).


Setting the chroma key values will not deform the overlay either.


So Unless I am missing something I cant see how you are getting your overlay deformed. I have tried all sorts of ratios and image sizes with no problems



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Hi Nat,


problem solved.....'till your answer i haven't tried to "crop" the overlay.

it was as simp+le as that, in the overlay / chroma key, i made a crop and selected none.

now the image is ok, i don't look like a skinny skinny girl, ;) but a normal person:)


thanks for the help


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