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lost...can someone help


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I am really not sure where I should post this. I am trying to take a song and cut parts of it. I only want the first 1:50 of the song and the last :45 of the song. I want to be able to cut it and paste it together so it plays as one new piece. I will then put it together with a video that I made. I can cut the two pieces I need, but can't get them to play together. The first part stops and then I have to click to have the second part play. Does this make sense? I hope someone can help me.


Thanks a million in advanced.

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I presume you are doing this in Videopad?


It shouldn't present too much of a problem. Load your song (music) and the video that you have created into VP using the "Add media" tab. They will then show in the "Media List" window. Drag and drop your video from the media list to the sequence line and do the same for the music file, but dropping it onto the soundtrack 1 line.


If your video has a soundtrack it will be visible on the "Audio track" line. If you don't want it to play, then you can either mute it or delete it.


To mute it, right click the Audio track and select "Adjust clip volume". Tick the "Mute" box and then click OK.This will mute the track.


If you prefer to delete to it, right click the Audio track and select"Unlink sound clips" The track will drop down to sountrack 2 line. Now left click it and drag it a short distance to the right.(This unlinks it from the video) Now right click the track and then select to remove it. If you have removed it and want to restore it again then simply right click the video sequence and select to "Restore sound clip".


Now... The music track can be dragged left or right to any start point relative to the video so you can set the music to start wherever you like. Play the video (It will from your point of view play the music) for the 1.50 minutes that you require. Stop the playback at this point. The red cursor line now will be at the point in the music where you want to cut it. You can adjust it if you want by dragging.


Now click the button on the left end of the soundtrack 1 (Its under the word "sound") This will cut the sound track at the cursor line.

Now play on to the second place you wish to slice the sound...45 seconds from the end. Do the same procedure.

Your soundtrack will now be in 3 pieces. Right click the middle section to highlight it and from the menu select to "Remove selected audio" Your two sound bites will now be left but separated.


Simply drag the 45 second section along to the left so it just overlaps the first (1.50 minute) section. It will auto arrange to remove the overlap and the soundtrack will now play as a complete piece without a break.


Note that the soundtrack is independant of the video and you can drag the two pieces left/right to match the visuals as much as you wish but you cant link them together however. If your cuts are not exactly where you wanted them simply pull the sound bites apart a little and drag their ends in or out until the effect is what you want. If you zoom in using the control at the bottom right of the screen you can drag the cut points with a bit more precision.


Hope this helps.



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