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Having just returned to VP I have three questions which I cannot find answers to in the manual I received with VideoPad:


1. I need to cut-out a piece in one of my scenes. Tech support suggested when I have placed the 'red' and 'blue' start and finish buttons I can just right click on the selected part to remove but all I get is the zoom in and out menu?


2. I wish to add a title but, when I go to the Effects option, no menu options appear?


3. My second camera is a Bloggie and while using this last week I inavertantly shot the video in portrait which produces black sections around the video. Is there anyway of getting rid of this as is possible in some video applications?


All/any help greatly appreciated.


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1) To cut a piece from a scene without using the IN/OUT flags. Play the sequence in the right hand preview window and stop where you want the cut to start. You can step backwards/forwards with the <> buttons which are on either side of the PLAY triangle. You could also drag the cursor to the position or click the light blue bar over the sequence line.

When the red line cursor is where you want it, click the Split tab at the left end of the sequence line. The sequence will divie at the cursor position. Now Play (or move) the cursor along to the end of the section to be removed and repeat the procedure. The section you have cut out will now be highlighted in blue. Right click it and select "Remove selected clip" from the menu.


2) Titles are added as an overlay.


3) You have shot a sequence with a different aspect ratio to the normal VP screen. (i.e. portrait) It will normally be fitted to the height of the display (depending on its actual size so at the very least there will be black bars on the left and right. There is not a great deal you can do about this.


There is no stretch (deformation) option in VP and the best recourse is to use the crop effect and select 16:9. This will only however cut off the top (or bottom) of the video making it fit the VP screen. You can experiment to see the effect..


Click the clip on the sequence and then the effects tab. Select the crop option. The crop preview pane will show the clip with a red frame superimposed on it. Click on the black star to see a larger screen. Try the various options shown. To fill the screen with the normal aspect ratio 16:9 should be set. Now move the frame up/down until it is the best place. Thats all you can do. :unsure:



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Forgot to say, you can also use the zoom effect to get the 16:9 aspect.

With reference to the IN/OUT flags-what you see under the preview pane depends on the media list display option that has been set. Thanks to Schultzie in another post earlierwho noticed this effect; if you set the media list with the "Media List Styles" toggle tab (Little folder with arrow above the media list) to show two panes; clips and clips used, the green arrow and the clip displacement option will not always be seen. It depends on which item in which list is activated.

You should set the media list to display JUST the media list in one pane. Both buttons should then be available.



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