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BIG problem, maybe video is doomed


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I have the free version of the sotware. I am making a complex music video from footage (over 30 clips) recorded and imported into video editor, They are cut and split in many many places in the sequences and interspersed with effects and transitions. I have one imported audio file which I use for the base of the music clip. I do not need the audio file of my footage, but I left it there in case, I wish to mix it into the final video clip once it is done.


Thus the audio track of my footage(s) are not necessary, I only need the imported audio. The problem lies in that a portion of my video and audio is mismatched, sliding around freely, and "unclickable" and it is poisoning the rest of the clip by sliding around.




Now, everything was going fine. Up until when I tried to split a clip and add effect to it. I split it in many places, to add effects and alternate it with other portions of clips.


Now now all the clips in the sequencer in this section are mixed up. Whenever I click on one clip, it slides into another position on its own, this "disease" moves onto other clips in the sequences (other suddenly become untouchable and merge into other clips on their own!!! - I didn't even know a MERGE option existed in Videopad). What is even more bizarre is that when this "sliding" happens, The transitions also melt and merge into one section. the merges sequencer clips look conjoined, but when I click play, it plays as if they were seperate like originally (but we cannot see the 2 seperate clips is the problem - it seems they slid under one another). In other words, When I play the video in videopad the timeline slides over one of these "conjoined" clips (which just look like one big one) but plays both parts.


Am I hallucinating????


I tried to delete all the problematic clips and those around the problem area, and even all the video starting from the end. it worked up until one specific clip which is UNCLICKABLE. when I click on it, it just picks the previous or next clip. So i end up clicking and deleting all the clips around, but not this one - and this specific one just keeps "passing the disease" onto the previous clip. i closed and reopened the program, rebooted, nothing!!!


I also tried to play around and delete the AUDIO track (audio track does not mean not the same thing as the music track Which I added). And it's the same problem as with the images. It's all jumbled up. I suspect the problem might be coming from audio track bugs or from special effects I chose, because the problem areas in the adudio track have a sort of red X (special effects audio option) which are unclickable too.






Has anyone ever had this problem or something slightly similar to this?


I am thinking that this software is not made heavy and detailed work.. it does not support too much tampering of the clips.


Any thoughts? I would really also like to do a Video/webcam chat if this helps anyone out with the visuals. I am even prepared to pay you through paypal for your time, if you can be pretty sure to help solve the problem. (the technical support at 33$ seems like an arm, but I can do like 10$)





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Sounds a very annoying disease you seem to have contracted. :huh: But I have never caught it myself. As you already seem to have tried deleting sections but still get this problem, I think it may be best if you start again,from scratch but first save what you have as a VP project. I would also try deleting the annoying sections from storyboard mode to see if that solves it, as the clips appear as single thumbnails-no matter what their length-and you can see better what is happening.

Also make sure all the clips/sounds are in the media list in their specified places. I.e you havn't inadvertantly moved or deleted any.


If you decide to start over again then my advice (FWIW)is, if you don't want to use the soundtrack recorded with your raw clip/s, then delete it. I find this better than simply muting it as the track is emptied and is not a distraction. If you have a number of clips (you mention 30 or so) this might take a bit of time as you can only do one clip at a time.(Havn't found a way of deleting multiple consecutive sound clips yet without removing the video clips as well) Do it in storyboard mode as its easier.


Right click the clip and select to "Unlink sound clip" which will drop to the lower track.

Left click this sound bite which will nudge it to the right. Now right click the sound bite and select "Remove selected audio". Do this for all the relevant video clips on the sequence.

If you are now going to match your visuals to a music clip, load the clip and drop it on the first soundtrack.

Now you can split the clip/s into the sequences you require using (if necessary) the music track as your guide. Move them about by dragging and dropping them in the order you want. You can trim the ends to more precise points by simply dragging them left or right but only if you have cut bits off. (ie in effect you are putting bits back in)


Add transitions and effects only when you are happy with the sequence as a whole.

Every now and then save your project in case things go wrong.

I dont think the number of clips or sequences you have is causing your problem as I am currently working on a film with over 300 clips and 4 sound tracks and so far it seems to go OK.


Hope the suggestion helps even though it means going back to square one.



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