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Is Stop Motion Animation Possible @ NCH?


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I have about 3,000 photos taken at 2 second intervals. I'd like to simply string them together into a video. I did this years ago with a piece of freeware, but no longer have it and can't remember the name. I bought VideoPad, but it can't seem to do it. Perhaps NCH makes an add-on?


Any help is appreciated, thanks.



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Probably a tall order with 3000 images. :huh: However if you have them in the correct order (numbered or alphabetical) and if possible the same folder you can get them to play at 10 images/second.

Before loading anything to the Media list. Click the Options tab and set the Clips duration value to 0.1 (Anything shorter than this seems to default to back 0.1) You can also set a default cross fade transition as 0.1 in the options as this might make the "movie" smoother. Click OK.


Now add your images to the Media list. You can grab the whole lot if you like. Just left click the top item and then Shift left click the bottom item. All the highlighted images will add to your media list in order. Do the same from the media list and drop them all on the sequence line. They should all appear in order with a time interval of 0.1 As I mentioned, even if you select 0.04 (25/sec) under options they will still display as 0.1

Depending of the nature of your timelapse images the result may be acceptable.



If you feel its too slow, there is a piece of freeware called JPGVideo.




This will produce an avi from a set of jpeg images, provided you have them in some sort of chronological order. You can set the number of images per second and the sort order. There are other programs out there that do a similar job. Just search "jpg to avi freeware"


Hope you find this helpful



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