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Does VP Recognize stops and starts in video


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I have downloaded a dvd to the editor and would like it to recognize the stops and starts of play. The dvd I'm ref'g is of a High School football game. The cameraman stops at the end of the play and doesn't start the recording again until the ball is in play again. When I download and started editting it was on a running time. I would like to just move clips that relate to a play one to one, or do I have to create each separate play/clip?? Not sure it would be as recognizible as let say tracks on a music cd, but thought there might be a way to speed editting. Thanks

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In the absence of any other replies, I a pretty sure that VP will only see your loaded DVD as a single length of video,i.e. one long sequence, even if the original DVD had chapters. I don't think these are automatically added into VP. Similarly even of the cameraman shot every scene separately the ends/begining of the individual shots are not recognised in VP.


This would mean that if you wanted to move scenes about, you would need to locate the start positions and end positions of each section (the "Plays" you refer to.....Its Soccer we have here B) .) Now you would split the sequence at these points in order to recreate the cameraman's shots. Having done this you could then move the sections about just as you wish.


If you then (after your editing) add chapter marks to the starts of the scenes you have created, the completed DVD produced by VP would have "Stop" and "Start" points in it (the chapters) that are recognised by your DVD player and you would be able to jump from Play to Play.



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