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searching on youtube


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am curious to gain an understanding of some of the features that would be easy and fun to use.


searching youtube brings up many many tutorials. which is nice.


i am trying to gather from all this what is possible and realistic for me to learn. some of these things do not come easily by the way so i am right now feeling really overwhelmed actually.


yesterday i purchased something called corel photopaint pro thinking about fixing flaws and come to see it makes slideshows.


i am now wondering if i could make a slideshow using corel, and once finished, will it be possible to stick that corel slideshow into the middle of a VP movie project, for example.


corel does not like my blackberry movies by the way. boo on that. it was not a cheap program. went to their webpage today and am having a heck of a time trying to learn that program. im sure it was made to be easy enough for dummies like me, but i dont find the tasks pleasant. organizing photos for example is confusing.


the PMB program that comes with my sony digital camera is very nice and easy and organized and lovely. the corel is full of glitches and i am faced with perplexing stuff with it.


anyroad, back to VP, the task of doing the picture in a picture looks interesting.


would anyone here be willing to share their finished work with me, so i can see what works really well, and looks really good! my plan is total shameless desire to mimic in order to make movies of my own. i am mostly feeling something of a panic as i want to get something nice finished in a timely fashion, yet i dont have a very large amount of time to study and learn, and, plus, as i said earlier the learning doesnt come very easily to me.


I hope you are willing to help here with this!


thank you so much.

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Getting to know how some of the image editing programs work can be difficult but they are not strictly necessary if you are thinking of creating simple movies.


IMO the first thing to master is taking your video shots from your camera; loading them into your PC and then into VP followed by adding them to the sequence line. Then to learn how to rearrange them, split them and add transitions between them. Soundtrack editing also needs to be mastered but with a SIMPLE basic movie the original clip tracks could be left as-is although with VP it is quite a simple task to add a complete background music track. Finally how to add overlay titles at the start and finish and then how to save them, either to DVD, to your computer or upload them to the web.


This, in a nutshell is basic movie creation and VP is a very good tool to accomplish this. None of the things that I have mentioned here is difficult and, indeed can pretty well be mastered in a few hours. (or less!) In fact you can create a simple slide show in just a few moments without the need for any other program.


Once you can do these things then you can move onto more complex things like adding and blending multiple sound tracks, doing narration and adding overlay features; using still images with movement etc. Other skills such as filming techniques; how to pace a movie, creating time transitions within a sequence, telling a story; types of shot to use; cutting to music, writing a script, making documenaries, or filming drama etc. all require some practice.


As an example of a short film using these techniques..



Mimicking what you see on Utube etc. may seem a good way to start off but you will have to master the basics first.



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thank you Nat, for your excellent reply.


i esp. enjoyed your end comments, and the link you offered to view something on youtube.


the issue of adding music is quite a challenge. i found one spot freemusicarchive.org that offers music, free to use online etc, but honestly the music here isnt always so interesting to me. yet another dastardly time consumer looking for good music.


anyone willing to share other music sites that allow use of their music, that would be great.


Nat, the piece regarding the slideshow in corel, in my mind is about making that program useful and earning its keep so to speak. i have it now, am stuck with it and really should try and make some use of it. comparing slideshows, it is possible the corel might make a really nice little product, perhaps value adding in creativity factor, compared to VP. that is my interest in knowing if the two things might be able to work together.



did a basic search on youtube ie., http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nch+videopad&aq=f


one of the videos in the list, see down on the list: (Day 118) - 05-19-2011 - There, I fixed it geez!


(beware this chap has a dirty mouth)


is interesting he sneaks a cartoon character into the scene now and then. how fun!



so now i am puzzled and so on as to why my files wont upload and suspect that it is to do with the windows xp. anyone that has a suggestion for me i am open and all ears!




managed to get myself right in a mess at this point, am dealing with alot of disappointment none of it to be blamed on VP either, but right now i cant upload my videos to youtube or facebook. i have a video i finished today so that isnt the issue. sharing is the whole point, which really is the big fun of going to all this trouble isnt it, the sharing of things which for me right now isnt working (*whereas when i was using the trial version it was!*).



my pc crashed here a week ago and my friend helped me with getting it back up and running again. using a process of elimination, we discovered it seems there was ram in there that needed replacing (might've been the bugger of a reason things piled up, tho i am not sure). anyhow after things were brot back to life, i couldnt find some of my disks. so my printer didnt work (my friend found drivers online, but the scanner is still not operational at this time). i couldnt find my cyberlink PMB (now found, but for awhile lost) and i had to use an older version of windows (xp) because i couldnt find my version of vista. this xp really is not up to snuff. my goodness i see i am directed to a page that says Launching Web Platform Installer, something to do with silverquick was it, and studio tools expression.. which after triggering installing asks for passwords and i dont know what passwords it wants. no clue, total blank. i am totally useless at this point.


that reminds me. windows movie maker is no longer available for windows xp. charming int it. i wouldve atleast enjoyed seeing it atleast to compare functions, but not in the cards for now.


so as it stands, now i have 2 programs that were supposed to be for making fun wonderful films and i am out of pocket and out of luck i suppose.


i hope things get better. so frustrated here!



thanks again anyroad.

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well, i give up on uploading with microsoft. i wish i could figure out how to sort that out, but i can't. moving over to mozilla (and i assume same would be with chrome) has resolved my upload issue.


Nat, you mentioned transitioning, and so, now i am going to work on that. good of you thnx for suggesting it.


i will also let you know if the corel slideshow works out. give me a week, or a month. no idea how long that will take me to figure out.


picture in a picture is interesting, too. also, adding little graphics for the fun of it is also intriguing.


anyone willing to share their talents here, to discuss how they resolved issues anything like that, please do.. also, links to something else on youtube, that you think is worth sharing. all that would be greatly appreciated.

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