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Printable user manual?


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I know there are several very good video tutorials for Video Pad but I saw somewhere in the forum a user mentioned a "user manual". If there is such a thing I would really like to know how to get it. Personally for me I'd rather have something printed that I can refer to while working on a video project. Thanks in advance.

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There is no printable manual as such but if you navigate to your Videopad Folder...(HDD/Program Files/NCH Software/Videopad/Help).......or similar


Double click the "Help" folder and then scroll down to "Index"

Double click "Index" to open the HTML file in IE.

Now you can go through the help pages using the "Next" link at the bottom of each page, printing as you go.


If you don't want to print it then you can simply open it by pressing F1 during your editing session. This will open the Contents page with all the subjects listed as links. When you have read what you want, simply minimise the page to take you back to VP. The page you were on will then be easily re-obtained by clicking the tab on the open programs bar at the bottom of the screen.


Hope this is helpful



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