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(V 2.41)


First open VP and add some media (preferably a video clip) to the media list using the "Add Media" button on the toolbar. Until this is done both preview windows will remain blank.


Now right click the name of the item added on the list. This will select it and a copy will immediately display in the left hand preview pane with a row of thumbnails below it.

Below these thumbnails will appear a panel containing a "Play" button; two boxes with "In Point" and "Out Point" position; Red and Blue In and Out point buttons; "Save as New Clip" button and the "GREEN DOWN ARROW" which will add the clip shown to the sequence line.


Depending on your screen display you may need to scroll the preview pane to the right to reveal the + and - zoom buttons. This might also be the reason you cannot see the green arrow. :rolleyes:


You can, of course directly add your clips by simply dragging them from the media list to the sequence line.



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