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VideoPad Freezes


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Every time I try to save the Video it freezes up and I got to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to birng up the task manager just get out of the program. I have tried to save the video several times and all it does if freeze up VideoPad can anybody help fix this problem :(

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Presumably you are going through the "Save Movie" option and entering the required values. Following this there is a "Converting Video" window. At this point little appears to be happening particularly if your video is a long one. It may take minutes (sometimes many minutes) before the blue task progress line starts to arrive or the video position starts to register. If this is the case then you may well think your PC has frozen.


If the program has crashed then you might try reloading it again from scratch.


You could also check the video creation process with a test video of a very short clip, say of just a few seconds length.



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