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restore a project


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From what you describe it would seem that you have moved or removed the original video clip/s from your PC.


During the process of editing you load clips from your PC onto the media list for you to use. VP creates a copy list of these clips and their location along with files detailing how you edited them. This your cache file. By default VP empties this cache file when you exit the program but does keep a temp project file available so that it can rebuild your film in the event of the PC crashing. However during your editing you must (or should) save a dedicated copy of your project at regular intervals. Also if you are not editing several different projects then use the option tab to set the cache as NOT emptying when you close VP. Doing this will enable your project to load faster.


Opening VP and then loading your project (the .vpj file) will refill the cache folder (update it) with all the clips but...only if you have not moved or deleted the clips. The items names will appear on the media list(as they are saved in the project data) but if you have moved or deleted them they no longer reside where VP expects to find them so they print up in red- and VP warns you that they are missing- the clips appear as blanks in the sequence.


So if you have deleted the clips or moved them you will need to either reload them or move them back to the location they were when you saved your project.


Once you have done this you can either start again and reload the project from the .vpj file when all should be well or reload the missing clips back to the media list. They will appear listed twice but the sequence will have been restored. If you click on the missing item in the media list you can select the option to "Browse to the file with explorer" but only of couse if you haven't deleted it.


I should add that usually I keep ALL the clips in a project in one file containing separate folders for video clips, the images and sound/music etc. and when I have finished editing a film I usually save off that folder as well as the project file to a data DVD (when necessary even 2 DVDs) along with a short text file with details of where everything was originally. Its then a simple matter if I need to do any re-editing etc. to load the folder back to the location mentioned and open the project file.


Hope this helps.



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