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Video with 2 audio tracks


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As far as I am aware VP will normally only display the main soundtrack that was recorded with your video clip. So a separate narrated sound track that was recorded with that clip will not be seen. (But I am prepared to shot down on this :) )


Normally to add a narration to your video you load your video clip(s) to the media list then drag it to the sequence line. (You can also add it by right clicking the media list item, and then selecting the appropriate option from the menu)


VP will display your video with the main soundtrack associated with it on the line below.

but there are separate audio tracks below this.


If you now click on the tab marked "Narrate" in the tool bar a preview pane will open up with a red "start recording" button. There is a red cursor line below the preview on the thumbnail line that you use to set the start position for your narration.

Set the mike input that you are using and the file/folder where you are going to send your recording, name etc. on the right of the preview pane. Recording levels can be adjusted beforehand using your particular mike input application. e.g. windows sound recorder or the soundcard input.......



Once recording levels are OK, click the red button and then read your text (or ad lib) to the video which plays in the preview pane. Audio levels will be shown as you record. When finished, the narration sound file will be added to the media list automatically and also placed on a lower sound track. As it was recored against your video it will start at the correct position. A copy will also be found in your designated folder.("Narrations" by default)

Editing of the main sound track around your narration inputs may need to be done to ensure that your narration can be heard ovewr the main track.


Alternatively you can make individual sound files for each piece of narration(eg. narr1.wav narr2.wav etc and then after adding them to the media list dragging them to the place required on the second soundtrack.


You may also be able to separate the original narration from your video as a separate file and then incorporate it onto the second VP soundtrack, but it may depend on how it has been recorded.



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