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Transferring Projects


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I just made my first video, it is about an hour long and contains HD video clips as well as still pictures, and multiple audio tracks. Took a long time to edit this together. Finally saved onto a DVD which took about 6 hours to convert and transfer onto the DVD. I am wondering how I can save to multiple DVDs without having to go through the whole process each time?

Also, do I need to go through the whole process again to now save onto my computer as a Computer/Data file?


Once converted the first time, should I be able to locate the converted file somewhere on my computer? I couldn't find it, but assume if it was there, that would make it easy for me to make multiple DVDs to give to family.


Thank you for any help.

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Unfortunatly, unless I have missed something, VP won't let you save to one DVD after another (like WDVDM), and it would seem you would have to go through the whole process again for each disc. I have looked in various temp folders but like yourself, can't locate anything in the way of an interim file from which the DVD might have been burnt.


Probably the best way around this is to put the DVD you first make back into the drive and then copy the Audio_TS and the Video_TS folders to your desktop. (This is if you have only one DVD drive)


Now insert another formated DVD into the drive and then drag these folders to the disc drive icon to burn another DVD.

That second DVD (and subsequent DVDs) should open and run in the same way as the original. (Note-The are no menus on the VP discs.)


This procedure works with repeated copies made on an RW disc that I formated between each test.I Can't say offhand how long it might take with your particular video though as I just tested with a small set of clips which only took a few moments.


If you save your project as a file (eg..an avi) to your PC it will also probably take some time to convert.

The quality of the avi when played on your PC should be OK but will be worse if re-saved back onto disc as it has had to now go through two levels of compression.




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