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OK. What you should see when VP 2.41 is running is on the left hand side of the screen, under the media list pane containing your list of clips, a grey bar labelled "Video track" along with contols for Transition/Split/Effect and sequence style.

This section lines up the sequence track on the right.


Below this control section is another grey bar labelled "Overlay Track". On the RH end of this bar is a green cross.

This where you add your overlay effects. As with the above section it lines up with the overlay sequence track.


Below this bar are the control sections for the various sound tracks.


Overlays can be text,image or video. To add an overlay effect to your main film sequence click the green cross.


In the "New Overlay" screen that comes up click either the "Text" or "Image or Video" radio button depending on the type of overlay you want to add.


If you select "Text", enter your text into the window and click OK. The overlay will appear on its own sequence track at the cursor position within a grey box. It will show some of your text and have a dark grey "loading bar" along its top. At the same time the left hand preview pane will show your overlay text against a black screen with various control options below it. There is a scroll bar below this so you can move the window to the right if it doesn't all display. Controls include font/scroll text in various ways/set text position by using an arrow box/colour and style and text fade in/out option plus opacity and size.

The display time of the text overlay can be adjusted by dragging the ends of the grey box on the sequence line right or left and the positioning of the overlay can be done by dragging the box itself right or left. (wait for the "Load bar" to fill before viewing the effect. To remove your text overlay right click it and select to delete.


If you choose to add an image or a video click the lower radio button and then browse to your image/video and click OK to load it. The steps are then similar to the above but the control choices are different.


With a video overlay the preview window behaves like the clip preview window, but again the control options are slightly different and in/out points are available.




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