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GOSH.....I've just gone deaf! :huh:


Yes it certainly is possible.


You will need your four clips in a folder on your PC somewhere and all of the same length if possible.

Open VP and add a blank clip to the sequence line. (Black is OK.) It is onto this that you will place your 4 clips that will make up your "screens". In storyboard mode change the duration of the blank to the value that you want the effect to last for. (Click the yellow bar below the blank thumbnail and enter the duration required.)

You could also drag it out after you have finished.


Now click the overlay green plus button and then in the window that pops up click the "Image or Video" radio button. Browse to the first clip that you want to add (Your first "screen") and load it. (Click "Open".)

Once it has loaded click "OK"


The clip will now load to the overlay track and appear in the RH preview window as a small thumbnail,usually centre bottom. It will also display full size in the left pane with a control panel underneath the screen.


Using the positioning square with the little arrows which is on the right of this panel, click the corner that you want this clip to move to. The little thumbnail will move to the corner you select. Now use the "Size" slider to enlarge the thumbnail until it occupies 1/4 of the screen. (You will have to gauge this). So far so good. Your first "screen" is in place.


Now add the second "screen".


Click the overlay green Plus button again and load the second clip. This may appear on the overlay track to the right of the first overlay if you have moved the cursor, but wherever it shows up, simply grab it and drag it to the left so it covers the first overlay. This will ensure that they both display at the same instant.


Again this clip will appear full size in the LH preview pane as well as in the RH preview pane as a small thumbnail, (and of course, your first "screen" will also be in place.)


Once more click the arrow in the positioning square corresponding to the corner that you would like THIS clip to appear and, as before, adjust the size to about 1/4 of the screen.


You now have both clips in their respective corners.


Repeat the procedure for the remaining two clips and you will now have your result of 4 "screens" playing in each of the the four corners.


Note that by adusting their overlap positions and lengths you can control when each corner appears or disappears.


If necessary, you can trim the background blank to trim all the clips to the same duration.



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