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Inserting addition time to title page


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By "Pages" I assume you are meaning clips? If this is so then it would seem you have..

A blank clip followed by two video clips against which you have overlayed your title sequence.


OK.....The obvious and simplest answer (if this is the case) is to add a further video clip to the sequence to make up the time required and then stretch the titles to match.


Another solution would be to increase the duration of the blank clip by a few seconds and then also slow down the two video clips slightly so as to extend the total sequence to the time required.

Switch to storyboard mode and then click the yellow bar under each clip. This will allow you to enter a new value for the duration of the clip in question. In this way you can adjust the total length of time your sequence lasts for. Note that any linked sound for these clips will also slow down. You can then, if required, click on and drag the ends of the text/title on the overlay track so these appear for longer or scroll more slowly.



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