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How to save sections from split clip as separate files


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Once I have split a clip into two sections, how do I save each section separately as wmv. files? It seems that "save a movie" keeps saving the whole movie, even though I have highlighted only the first (or the second) clip that appears once I split the original. Thanks in advance for any help!

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With your full clip on the sequence line, move the cursor to the place where you want to split it.

Now split the clip.

Left click RH section to highlight it in blue, and you will see it display in the left hand preview pane.

Now click the tab under the preview pane that looks like a bit of film. ("Save as a new clip" ...it's to the left of the green down arrow).

This will save a copy of the RH segment to the media list but it will also remain in the sequence.


So right click it on the sequence and select to "Remove selected clip". The preview panes will go blank. This will leave the LH end of your film on the sequence that you can now save as your first wmv file.


Depending whether you want to keep the clip or not you could select it and again "Save as a new clip" followed by a delete or simply delete it withjout saving it...as you wish you still have the original clip.


Either way the sequence line will now be empty, so drag the clip bit you split off and saved initially back down to the sequence line and make a second wmv of that.


You will now have two wmv files made from the one clip.



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