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files show as missing


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I have been making several videos,into seperate projects,to make into movies later.Once I had the project saved in VideoPad projects, I deleted the files from my computer.Now today, I decided to begin making the projects into movies, I clicked on an earlier project, and I get a pop up saying all files are missing. What is going on? I thought that once they were saved as a project, the files were safe, regardless if the originals were deleted

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In short..OOPS :huh:


The "Project file" that VP creates is more or less a data file that enables VP to recreate your edited film, but it is not your film.


VP creates a cache file of the clips that you import from your HD and which appear in the media list window.These are the copies that will eventually make up your film. The raw clips are not alterered on your HD.


As you create your movie from this list of clips in the cache VP creates further files that record how you edit the clips, eg. Such things as where you cut the clips, the type and extent of transitions associated with them and overlays as well as what you do with the sound.


By default, the cache is emptied at the end of each session..presumably to save space although you can alter this in the "options" settings.


Because of this the project file presumably also holds the basic cache data regarding your clips but not the clips. By opening the project file VP will reload the raw clip copies to the cache from the HD (Updating the cache)and then recreates your film. If you havn't deleted the cache then VP presumably simply checks what is there and the process is quicker than reloading them.


Also as you develop your movie VP creates an updated copy of your project file in case the system should crash. In this way you don't lose what you have done up to the crash point.


Now..if you have deleted your raw files VP can't recreate the film from the project file as in order to update the cache it needs to know where to find your original clips.


It's the same if you have moved them or renamed the folder. You will get a pop-up message to this effect and clips not found will be printed in red in the media list. (The project file still contains the names of your clips and where they were.) If you have deleted them all, the message will say VP can't find any clips.


You will need to reload your original clips to the same place on your PC in the same named folder. VP should then be able to recreate your edited film from the project file.


If you have several projects on the go and want to combine them at a later date, Don't delete the raw files. If you need the space then I would suggest you save your edited project as an avi (or other convenient format)which you can reload in VP without the need to keep the original files.



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