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Video Capture ?


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I am looking for a video editing software that will work with my MP4 file formats from the camcorder. It is 720i HD and records in MP4 file format. I want to be able to output HD 16:9 (wide screen) files for upload to YouTube or other sharing sites and also watch on TV or share on disc.


Question #1: Will this software allow me to work with the MP4 files and have the output desired ?


Question #2: Will this software allow me to open existing files on my hard drive or require me to "Capture" them, creating a copy of the file for use by VideoPad ?



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Q1 Yes. VP will work with MPEG4 files (mine are 720 HD) but you may find the image lags behind the sound. In practice I convert them to MPEG2 which run OK.


Q2 Yes. You can save the files from your camera to a folder of your choice on your PC. VP will allow you to open these by clicking on the "Add Media" button where you can navigate to that folder. Once selected they will be added to the media list and also copied to a separate temporary folder where any manipulations you make to the clips in VP will also be recorded. The original clips will remain unchanged. Saving your work as a VP "Project" will enable VP to recreate the temporary files (should you delete them) as well as your project at the point where you left it.


There is also an option to allow input directly from your camera or webcam.



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