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Title Overlay Effects


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VideoPad is currently my front runner for replacing the original Windows MovieMaker now that Microsoft have ruined it. It pretty well does everything I need when I'm not doing multi-camera heavy-lifting and my 12-year old daughter is happily making video shorts on a weekly basis for use at our church - so well done NCH for a highly functional and usable bit of kit!


The main thing I miss is easy but professional-looking titles. When I create an Overlay, the editor gives me the option of adding video effects to the overlay clip - they even stack up in the applied effects pane, and look like they are doing something in the timeline (the clip refreshes) - but I never see them in the preview or the finished movie.


Am I missing something or is this a feature yet to come?


(VideoPad 2.41. Windows7 64-bit)

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I have just started to look at V2.41 after stating elswhere that I though titles as an overlay couldn't be faded as they could in v2.12. In fact the fade button was partly hidden as I hadn't scrolled the preview pane across. :( OOPS! Put me foot in it there!


Anyway, you can add the video effects to the overlay provided the overlay is an image and they do work OK (at least for me.)



I think if the overlay is text then you only have the basic options of ..Font/scroll/size/opacity/colour/ position etc...(+fade :o )


If you have a text overlay and try to add a video effect, the effect will list on the left and the grey effects bar will pass along the top of the overlay but the text will remain unchanged. Just tried them all.


Might be an oversight...



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