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Have a little positioning problem with overlay titles.

I set the slider to a position in the timeline.

Now I switch to the "Overlay" tab and press the + button. Nothing happens till here. If I type the first letter of my overlay text the timeline springs to the absolute sequence begin, mist.

Then I delete the overlay and position the slider again.

Pressing + to create the overlay and begin to type my text.

Now all is fine.

But why I need always a second try ?

Is there a using fix for this ?

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Can't say but this works for me...

Position the slider

Press the + on the overlay tab. This opens the "New Overlay" pane.

Check the "Text" radio button.

Click the pane then type your text and click OK.

Your text should now appear in the overlay track on the sequence line as well as have an entry in the clip list.

Left click the overlay on the sequence to open the control panel for your text.

Change font/position/size/fade etc. as required


You can also reposition your overlay by dragging it along the track.



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