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No way to link audio clips to video?


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Playing with the free edition of v 2.30, I've hit against what seems a very basic flaw with Videopad.


I'm adding sound effects to a mute animation. I've recorded the effects myself, and most of them last only a second or so. It all works nicely - I can import them as audio files, drop them down to the soundtrack lines and drag them into position easily enough. But if I then make the slightest change to the sequence of video files - for instance, adjust the length of the blank clip at the start - it throws the sound effects out of sync because they're not linked to the video.


Frustratingly, under "Options" there's a box marked "Attach short sound clips to video", but it seems to make no difference whether it's checked or not. It seems ridiculous to have all this scope for adding audio to video if there's no way to sync the two together in a reliable way.


Or am I missing something?

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I've discovered that audio clips DO link to video, provided they fit neatly within the time of the video clip. If they overlap even slightly with the following shot then they become unlinked.


Which prompts my next question: is it possible to link longer clips, such as music playing under a sequence? Surely such a clip should be linkable to the first shot in the sequence?

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As you correctly say you can link a short sound clip to a video clip provided it is shorter than that clip (and provided the default option to do so is set.)This also works over multiple tracks. A sound clip longer than the video clip cannot be linked though. However a longer music clip would not (IMHO) need necessarily to be linked to the video as you can quite easily move it left or right as a complete unit to accomodate any edits of the unattached video. If the music has to be matched to the visuals then setting them exactly in synch is not a particularly difficult task. In fact nine times out of ten it's the visuals that have to be matched to the music and they can easily be shortened or lengthened to achieve this.


What is annoying is if you have several sound tracks made up of lots of short effects that overlap each other as well as the video clips with THEIR sound track - and I have just completed a long film like this, - if you find you have to add a further clip to this sort of sequence somewhere in the middle, it does tend to mess things up as the video together with its soundtrack is displaced to the right from the point of insertion but all of the carefully positioned sound bites on the other tracks don't. :angry: (It's even worse if the shorter sound bites have been linked to the clips. :o )


As you can't link any clips on the sound tracks horizontally in order to move them up en masse it can be a problem. The only way around it is either to forget the clip you want to add entirely or go to the hassle of moving each sound bite up individually the length of the displacement, (and do this for each soundtrack as well.) Linking all the clips on a single track (as one does in a word processor...indeed THIS one,) just to move them about would be a very useful feature.



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