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Converting 78 rpm vinyl records


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I want to take some old 78 rpm records and put them on a CD. However, my turntable has only 33 rpm and 45 rpm speeds, so I used the setting on the second page of the Golden Records Wizard (recording speed) that says "78 RPM Played at 45 RPM". I went through the other steps in the Wizard [Volume calibration, background noise measure, output format (using WAVE format to burn to CD later)], finished and began a recording session. Of course, the sound that came from my amplifier was slow, since it was playing at 45 rpm. However, I assumed that when I burned the disc, the program would speed up the sound so that it would sound as it would at 78 rpm. That does not seem to happen. So, my question is, what do I need to do to get the result of my recording a 78 RPM record using the "78 RPM Played at 45 RPM" setting to revert to the 78 RPM speed at the end, so that the CD I burn actually sounds like the 78 RPM record I started with.


I've tried going through the support system, but they do not seem to understand my issue and the stuff they are giving me is not helping me with this particular problem.


Can anyone help?

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Recording speed: Select how you are playing your vinyl records. Choose either "33 or 45 RPM" if you are playing 33 or 45 RPMs at standard speeds, "33 RPM played at 45 RPM" if you are playing a 33 RPM at 45 RPM speed, or "78 RPM played at 45 RPM" if you are playing a 78 RPM at 45 RPM speed, or leave the default speed selected if you don't know which to select.

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