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  1. My turntable is already connected to my computer though the line in on my sound card ben bernie
  2. hi elk is that better than to wave editor to record cause thats what ive been using? benbernie
  3. hi do you use the wave editor to record and restore your lps? if so what do you use in the wave editor to get the best result? benbernie
  4. hi how do you use this software to clean up lps?i assume with the wave editor..whats the best option to use to get the best results? ben bernie
  5. Ok how do I do that? benbernie?
  6. Hi I tried doing it your way even wrote it down but I get the same results either way.when I clean 78s with the wave editor the results are really good.when I try to clean up a lp the results are somewhat muffeled on the finished cd.I learned if I try to clean up a new lp it makes the resulting cd muffeled.so I try to do the same with a used lp..and it might be better..can you suggest anything that might help?
  7. hi whats the best way to clean up lps with this wave editor? benbernie
  8. hi thanks.. lenny aka benbernie
  9. hi gang im recording lps and 78s with the wave editor from my turntable and i was wondering which is the best option to use to clean up these records in the wave editor?? benbernie
  10. i working with records..after i clean them up in the wave editor the changes i made to the tune arent saved when i go to export the file..its in its original sounds..the changes weret saved...what can i do? LENNY
  11. after you clean up an audio file how do you save it? lenny
  12. hi in wave pad how do you moniter levels as your recording the record? LENNY
  13. hi how do you record records with the wave editor? benbernie
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