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RELEASE: Express Dictate v 5.11 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in Express Dictate v5.11 for Windows:

  • Added: "Export Notes" to Dictation menu.
  • Added: Confirm overwrite if file already exists when saving a transcript from the "Recover Sent Dictations" dialog.
  • Fixed: "Unable to start sound record device" and "Sound card has not been selected or is being used" errors.
  • Fixed: Email attachment size is no longer always 1.5MB when using "Automatically split the file" option of email send method.
  • Fixed: Size input for "Automatically split the file" option of email send method wasn't accepting the period character.
  • Fixed: An ampersand character in the notes no longer causes notes to be truncated when uploading a dictation to an Express Delegate server.
  • Fixed: Dictation report header lines were overlapping.
  • Changed: Data added to XML elements when creating a new dictation is now HTML encoded.
  • Changed: Audio playback now loops on the "Soundcard and Playback Volume" page of the setup wizard.
  • Changed: More descriptive error when trying to load a DCT that has attachments.
  • Changed: "Edit with WavePad" and dock dialog "Auto-send" features no longer function if Express Dictate hasn't been registered and the trial period has expired.

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