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RELEASE: Express Dictate v 5.06 for Windows

Damian Lettie

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Changes in Express Dictate v 5.06 for Windows:

  • Added: The email subject can now be customised for dictations sent by email.
  • Added: Data folder setting is now validated.
  • Added: Express Delegate connection test now validates that the user has the role of speaker. (Requires Delegate v4.01 or later.)
  • Added: "Express Delegate Options" help content.
  • Fixed: Moving a dictation to another folder (eg. during sending or recovery) now aborts with an error message if the file already exists in the destination folder.
  • Fixed: Generation of the internal dictation ID can no longer generate an ID that is already used on the current machine.
  • Fixed: Express Delegate logon email address is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Fixed: Couldn't install on Windows 98 Standard Edition if the common controls DLL hadn't been updated.
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues when running on Windows 98.
  • Fixed: Volume display meter wasn't cleared when playback or recording were stopped.
  • Removed: "Restore defaults" button from "Send to Typist Recipient Properties" dialog.
  • Changed: Default Express Delegate port number is now 99. (To match Delegate v4.01 and later.)

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