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  1. My bad. I was up till 10 am trying to fix it so I may have misplaced a few files. So you did get the same results? Thank you, Ill try this version instead. Been editing from scratch for a few months now and I honestly love this program so It means a lot to me that I get this working .
  2. Sadly the character im adding in is white aswell : ( Just uploading to google so i can share https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jTBZrkemdjKW0-MhZJ6dGuh1C6kg22RC?usp=sharing
  3. First video went fine. Second video I made not so much. I added a gif with a transparent background and it looks fine in the editor but when I export it the gif is inside a white square. I tried googling the issue but I could find anyone with my exact problem. This is what im getting out but if you look at a few other videos on my channel I used vp and gifs and never had this issue. Please help! I'm now a day behind and my sponsor is very strick about dates. Here's this, thank you so so much for any help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHizVq4IITQ&ab_channel=LiLPokeGirl
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