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  1. Can I save a clip with a meaningful name from the "clips" area of Videopad to use later in the sequence? I would like to work with all my clips first from my secondary cameras and add them where I want them on the timeline in the sequence.
  2. I want to re-use many of the images (text files) in previous projects in a new project (I create a new church worship project & video each Saturday) and I want to re-use many of the text images I have created (such as "Lord's Prayer" text for the clip). Can I access these from a previous project and include them in the new project for the week? Would they be part of the project template?
  3. I'm a new user and I too, am looking for an easy way to sync tracks. i have a main camera recording all sound via an audio board, and using secondary cameras as a second angle... I frequently have issues with matching up exactly on the first, second, third tries... i am trying to match the audio by sound... if there's a quick way for the video editor to sync these up, that would save a lot of time.
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