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  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I'm impressed and the "black hole" was hardly noticeable . A thousand thank you's for your help with this, and so quickly! I see how you added the cover. How did you line up the first mask to cover the sign? (I realize you simply use it again and again for each segment of the video). I'm still a novice user; I was having issues with the clip (in the clip preview area) somehow setting up the start and end points when i split the video in the sequence timeline. What would have likely caused this? How can I take this project and add it to the main project that will end up having 12 more songs in it? (Or am I better to add the other songs to this project?
  2. I have a clip with multiple camera angles. I need to "censor" out the red EXIT sign where ever it appears on the clip, but have been unsuccessful in eliminating it correctly. Please provide a step by step instruction. I tried placing the clip in the sequence, and cutting the clip where the sign appears and inserting the censor (full black rectangle), but the censor stays through the rest of the clip. I even tried censoring the object in the clip preview window, but managed to set the clip length to be very short, by accident. I have attached a link to the folder with the file and project for help. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApH6MY91qHAYg8I5wLwO6n7if3Q-FA?e=b0gCme thanks in advance
  3. Can I save a clip with a meaningful name from the "clips" area of Videopad to use later in the sequence? I would like to work with all my clips first from my secondary cameras and add them where I want them on the timeline in the sequence.
  4. I want to re-use many of the images (text files) in previous projects in a new project (I create a new church worship project & video each Saturday) and I want to re-use many of the text images I have created (such as "Lord's Prayer" text for the clip). Can I access these from a previous project and include them in the new project for the week? Would they be part of the project template?
  5. I'm a new user and I too, am looking for an easy way to sync tracks. i have a main camera recording all sound via an audio board, and using secondary cameras as a second angle... I frequently have issues with matching up exactly on the first, second, third tries... i am trying to match the audio by sound... if there's a quick way for the video editor to sync these up, that would save a lot of time.
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