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  1. I had the same problem when I traced my fence from a survey and tried to align it after with my house (previously traced). It's a pretty standard "CAD" feature but doesn't appear to be active with this software.
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    There is an "arrow back" (blue icon) under the select icon (right hand tool bar). I don't see that option under any other menus. The next icon "arrow forward" is "redo".
  3. The software seems to have an autosave at certain points and when it crashed was able to recover nearly all of my work. However, I think that functionality is only enabled after first creating a save file. Save early, save often.
  4. That is standard for blueprints. If you "select" the door object (or window) there is a "flip door/window orientation" option in the properties under Width/Height. I'm running v.5.22 (beta).
  5. Is it possible to select many or all objects and move them together? Sometimes I have the orientation of several object correct together but are incorrect relative to everything else. In my example I traced my house plan from interior drawing. I followed that by tracing fences and property lines from a survey. The two did not naturally align but I could NOT select all the exterior features and move them to align then with the exterior walls. After several trial-and-error frustrations I ended up free handing the fence line, driveway, walks and streets. Another frustration I found at
  6. I don't believe that is possible in this software. You have to set the wall height for a "level" before creating ANY walls.
  7. I downloaded several trees and bushes from https://archive3d.net/ After unzipping them I went to "Exterior" then clicked "Add Content" button on tool bar. I choose Import 3D Model then browsed to the .3DS file and imported it. You have to select a category (my case "flora") and a dimension (e.g. tree 20' high).
  8. That sounds like a nice "mode" that could be enabled in the software: "Read ONLY" 3d view "presentation mode" disables 95% of all functions.
  9. I found that by reinstall or upgrading the software ALL imported 3D models are deleted. That may be less than helpful. Still trying to figure out myself how to recover as I imported all my models again but still am unable to open my original with any customer 3D objects (for me that means no yard flora). Error message upon opening file is: "One or more objects or textures from the saved project could not be loaded because the content package has not been installed. Add the missing content package and reload the project to see the missing items."
  10. The author documents the following site as a good source for downloading objects. I've downloaded several bushes, flowers and trees from it today. I found that all the maple trees however are too detailed and complicated for the software to import.
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