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  1. I found several desks, there's one that will do. Finally. Under Furniture > Tables. But the question still stand if anybody has recommendations for model sources, the .3ds and .stl and .ply types. Thanks.
  2. I just started two days ago. And I'm 66 and man learning new stuff is slow. I want office desk options and I'm not finding any! There is a section under Interior > Misc that includes Home Office -- Stationery, Trash Basket, and Whiteboard. BUT I AM NOT FINDING A DESK. (I have looked a bunch under Cabinets and Furniture.) I have had a little success with importing 3DS models and if somebody knows of a desk, please share! Thanks.
  3. Paul, cool! I would put the screenshot on my Google drive and share a link. I am not even close to this (started two days ago) AND my project has no staircase landing. But just an idea. Linda
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