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  1. kdowns

    Modem SUCCESS post

    I didn't see too many success stories so I thougt I would add mine. It took me too long to find a modem that worked for what I needed. What I needed: Answer phone Play OGMs Except DMTF (phone key presses) Record messages The biggest issue I had was that the modem I started with didn't except the DMTF detection on a consistent basis - read: it only took 1 out of 10 or so. Bad modem: Creative Modem Blaster V.92 USB I thought that since it stated that it was a voice modem it should work just fine. I didn't do enough research first. Waste of $50. Good modem: MiltiTech MT5656ZDX-V Amazon: $94 (6/1/07) - Search on "MT5656ZDX-V" Disclaimer: I only use it for the above needs. If you need anything more (i.e. outgoing calls, transfers, etc) I don't know if those work. Sorry, this last statement isn't something you want to read when you are looking for a modem that will do what you want. As a user I expected the software maker to help out more here. I read EVERYTHING NCH and everyone wrote about what modem to get and there wasn't anything consistent. [Rant] It would have been nice to have a matrix of functionality vs. modem table to figure out what to buy. Yes, I know modems change, but put a stake in the ground and state: if you want this functionality -> get this modem! Saying users have had good experiences with such and such modem doesn't state that you tested that modem against your software. You do test your software, don't you? What modems do you use that work?????? You really shouldn’t suggest that the user buy modem after modem until they find one that works. One other point, your support pages state that if you use AT#CLS (Query Modem) and it fails that means that you don't have a voice modem! I may not be a modem expert, but my current Voice Modem does not support AT#CLS in the Query Modem dialog and it works. I was using this Query Modem as the benchmark to see if I had a Voice Modem. Glad I don't believe everything I read. [End of Rant] Good luck!
  2. kdowns

    Platinum Support

    Check out: www.nch.com.au/support/terms.html to learn about what you paid for. Next, check out: www.nch.com.au/ivm/support.htm and go to the bottom to fill out the form to send a support question in. These forums are customer/user driven and you shouldn't expect NCH support person to answer your support questions here.
  3. kdowns

    Variables and Logs

    Going to need more infomation before I can understand what you need help with. Where/how are you using "%name of variable%"? What do you expect to see and where do you expect to see it? Be specific please.
  4. kdowns


    Here is something you can try: You stated; "Modem answers incoming call but caller hears nothing." However, you didn't say if you heard the OGM through the PCs speakers - if that happened. If that's the case you can try to change the default audio out in IVM. Settings/Audio tab : Play Device and Volume OR/AND [Windows XP] Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio tab (I don't have a voice modem hooked up to any Vista PC - so I don't know the path to work with this.) I had this issue: OGM was playing out through speakers and not through the phone. Followed the IVM help/online help/forum and couldn't tell you exactly what I did that worked. Seems I ended up where I started. Final settings: IVM is set to use the modem as the Play Device in Settings/Audio tab WinXP has sound card in selected in Control Panel/Sounds... One thing I think was needed. After an IVM and/or OS change I think I needed to reboot for the settings to 'take' as I didn't get what I expected with just the changes made. Remember, one change one test - takes longer but easier to diagnose. Good luck. Kevin
  5. From help: The mailbox name can include data-entry variable names circumfixed with the % character This is cool, I can have mailboxes where the caller just enters the x-digit extention and the proper mailbox is then used as in: Leave Message for Mailbox (dialog window): Mailbox %mbxno% My question is this: can I change the mailbox name to something more readable like: 1234 Smith or Smith 1234? How would the variable look then? Is there patten matching - i.e. %mbxno% * or * %mbxno% Where star is anything after a space after the mailbox number OR anything before a space. How can this be done? It would be nice to name all the mailboxes with names that are meaningful. Thanks
  6. kdowns

    TAPI Fax Handoff

    So it looks like there IS software that handles TAPI FAX handoff. Has anyone made it work and would like to share there success with the rest of us? Thanks
  7. kdowns

    Whice License?

    I'm looking to see which license I will need for the folowing requirments: 1 line Unlimited voice mail boxes Many OGMs (unknown and I want flexablity) Full functionality Thank you Kevin
  8. kdowns

    IVM Fax

    So...is there a fax program that can take the handoff from IMV?
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