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  1. I need to close Dividends Paid to Retained Earnings and then close Retained Earnings to Shareholders' Equity at fiscal year end so that we have a clear picture of the current state of the equity and the annual performance of the company. I believe that Express Accounts uses a "rolling year" and so both Retained Earnings and Dividends Paid are cumulative since the start of the company. I could handle the problem using journal entries and a couple of new accounts if only Retained Earnings and Total Equity were actual accounts that could be interrogated and modified. However, they are not. It appears that they are each computed when needed and so I cannot access their values. Has anyone found a way to access (read and modify) Retained Earnings and Total Equity? Has anyone attempted to modify the code for the Balance Sheet? I could make a modified Balance Sheet do what I want through careful use of Journal entries, I think. This is a major problem for me. Without a solution, I will have to change accounting packages. Thanks for your time. Peter
  2. Hello, I am using Express Accounts version 8.16. I am puzzled why how the credit-card account works. I tried to post the interest ($0.26) charged on a very small purchase by using Account transfer in the Accounts tab. I tried to transfer the amount from Credit Card (balance of -$165.19) to Interest Expense (balance of -$0.16) for the date 2018-01-08. The transfer was refused with the message "This account does not have an adequate balance." while pointing to the Credit Card account entered in the "Transfer from account:" window. I thought that the whole point of a credit card was that the purchases could be made which drove the account negative, and that the card owner then paid off the card when she/he wanted. Is there a way to specify the card limit? Is there a more appropriate way to do what I was trying to do? Also, how can I include a screen capture in this message? It would help by increasing the clarity of what I was doing and its outcome. Thanks for your time and help. Best regards, Peter
  3. Hello, I have two problems, as follows: 1. I don't know how to see my checking account balanced transactions other than by trying a reconciliation and then aborting it before the actual reconciliation. How do I do this? It is necessary for finding problems in my books. 2. I was using the approach of attempted reconciliation and then aborting it when I hit the "continue" button by accident. How can I undo a reconciliation? Sadly, this is extremely urgent. All help will be gratefully received. Best regards, Peter
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