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  1. Will you please get rid of these two pop up messages. One pops up when you open a photo that says "Back up project found" and asks you if you want to Open Layered Project or Ignore Layered Project. I did not save it as a project to begin with so why does this stupid message pop up. The other message that pops up is when you resize an image and click OK in the Resize Tool a pop up message appears about Use Super Resolution and you have to choose between Use Super Resolution or Don't Use Super Resolution. If you click on the box in the message that says "do not show this again" it defaults to Use Super Resolution where in that brings up another problem of having to wait minutes for it to render. Choices like that should be put into the Resize Tool so we can select what we want and the tool remembers it. I could care less about your Machine Learning Algorithm. Please get these bugs.....yes they are bugs....fixed.
  2. DonT

    Photopad 5.50

    I have just installed Photopad update 5.50 and there is still a resizing problem that was present in .42 and .45 as well. When you try to resize and image in pixels the cursor jumps to the beginning of the present number you want to change and it will not let you change it unless you uncheck keep aspect ration. Once you do that you can do it but when you save it it changes your number to something else other that the size your entered. I have complained about this several times using bug report already and still nothing has been done about it. What are you developers doing there. You keep sending out updates and it is still broken. I am having to switch back to 5.39 because the resize works perfectly on that.
  3. I have found my answers to the above questions after thoroughly exploring Photolab.
  4. I just recently became a new user of PhotoPad Pro as I have found that it is the closest program to the old Microsoft Picture Manager. I am enjoying it and all the features a great deal but I find one feature that is lacking and that is the "Rotate" feature. I cannot find anyway to rotate/flip an image horizontally. It can do everything else but that. I was wondering if I was missing something in PhotoPad to be able to do this and if you cannot do this will this possibly be added in a future update. I have made a request for this to be put on the developers list. Is there a way to stop the white NCH Logo Sign from popping up for a few seconds when you open an image. That is really annoying. Regards, Don
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