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  1. This is more or less what I do, to find a way out: I split just before the end, normalize speed for the last part and fade out only this part. But obviously this is not practical... I leave it to you (NCH) for consideration, and who knows? A few months ago, I was complaining about losing equalizer (EQ) settings after split. At the time you were pretty firm that "it is a new clip and thus EQ has to reset". Thankfully, at the latest VP versions it is fixed and now after split the part-clip inherits the EQ of the mother-clip. So maybe you (NCH) change your mind and fix the fade issue also.
  2. Dear Borate, I am not referring to video, but to AUDIO fade. I am using v 8.63. Please put an audio clip on the timeline and fade it out. It fades smoothly to the desired extend. So far so good! Now put again a clip on the timeline and slow it down, i.e. to 60% . Then, try to apply fade-out. You will immediately see my point! You don't have to hear it, you see it on the descending line of the fade. If needed I will provide more info (photos or a small project) in order to help fixing it. But I think, you will notice it immediately... Please remember that I am tal
  3. Dear Borate, It doesn't work like this... When you change the tempo of an audio clip, the clip shortens or lengthens accordingly. I am synchronizing audio instruments on parallel tracks. You do NOT know the amount of fade to apply until the clip is fully synchronized, thus of a specific length. The goal here is to erase an instrument smoothly to a specific point. It is a bug, fade has to apply last. We need fade inside the hierarchy of effects. After all there is an effect chain for other effects (eq, amp, etc), why is fade left outside? Regards, Takis
  4. Dear friends, This is by all means a glitch, so please fix it! If you fade-out a "speed changed" audio clip, the fade applies to the original clip and a total fade is not executed. My case: I delay a clip of my second voice saxophone to 70% in order to match my tempo. I apply fade at the end, to erase smoothly. However, the fade stops at 2/3 and part of audio is cut out. Regards, Takis
  5. Hello my friend, Thanks for the patch. I downloaded it and will give it a try! Regards, Takis
  6. Thanks, I will try to reinstall several times in order to get the snap-less version. If I am lucky, with a horizontal box... Excuse me for asking, but why are these different "in shell" versions randomly accessed? Wouldn't it be more straightforward if -instead of putting our hopes on a roulette- we could select the version we want via a checkbox during installation? For example, I could uncheck "snap", instead of installing continuously hoping to win the lottery of a snap-less future 🙂. Anyway, I think my message was sent, I hope it passes to the programmers. Th
  7. First of all, thanks for your prompt response. To me, the pop-up window is still vertical but, whatever shape it has, the problem is the same. I do NOT use the scissors to split, I do right-click and use the menu. However, I use the red-line all the time, in order to aim my actions on the timeline... As far as I know, there is no other way to split, resize or select at a point, without bringing the red-line there! Very often, I have to zoom more and click again to reposition it. Working for years with VPad, I am very fast at it. So as I click to move the red-line, I accidentally hit the b
  8. Just lost a week's work AGAIN, due to the bracket little pop-up window...🤬 We talked about this before, and some improvement was done by changing the orientation of the window, from horizontal to vertical. However, this awful little feature is still alive , waiting to destroy your timeline... The bloody window comes up, whenever you reposition the red cursor-line and has 3 buttons, a scissor and 2 brackets. I reposition the red line every time I want o split or replay a part of a clip. This is a main part of video editing guys! The danger here is to accidentally click one of the
  9. There must have been a problem with direct installation over previous versions. I totally removed VP and re-installed a clean copy of the latest v8.56. I licenced it with my key and now all cache files go to selected cache folder. Finally, I did not roll back to v8.45 since 8.56 does NOT suffer from delays! It is faster than ever! Of course there is the audio "not loading" problem, but I found a way around it... It might sound silly, but -at least to me- the problem appears when I double click a project to open Videopad+load. If I first open VP empty from its shortcut
  10. This is really strange... I have a specific folder declared in options, but the folder remains empty... (pls look at the pics). https://ibb.co/K5sqDVQ https://ibb.co/SP2DpqV It is NOT an issue of 8.56, since I noticed this while running 8.45. It might also be older and did not see it. I wonder if it has to do with the delays I encounter.🤔 Any ideas?
  11. Thank you my friends, I will roll back to 8.45, thought 8.56 was a legit version and not a beta. I was so eager to get rid of the delays of 8.45 and moved on... Delays become an issue ONLY when there many small chunks of audio. Don't know if the same applies to video chunks. I play many organs on each other, this is why I need to have many small audio chunks. When they get more than 20, there are noticeable delays. Do you have an idea why the declared cache folder is empty? Does it save somewhere else? Thanks!
  12. Just upgraded to latest version 8.56, hoping it will solve some of the problems I faced in the previous version. The biggest problem (for me) in the previous versions are delays... Although not apparent to those who use single files, if you use many small chunks of audio in the timeline, significant delays appear to timeline playback and program exit. I press PLAY/STOP button, and it takes a few seconds to execute... Closing the program also takes more time than usual, especially if the timeline is playing. It might take from 5-30 seconds (!) and sometimes pops up the error message aski
  13. Another one.... When you try to fade out an audio clip that it's speed is accelerated (i.e. 120%), fade applies to the non accelerated clip and there is a geographical miss of the effect. Version 8.16, Windows 10. Please check and fix, Regards, Takis
  14. Dear Nat and Borate, Thanks for the detailed instructions. I posted this issue, because I did not have it with previous versions. I use this small clip at the beginning of every music video of mine, since it is my logo. I pull it to the left, further than the beginning and place it (fading in-out) before the main video. I never had to think about zoom level nor the red line, I just pulled it left and the scroller was adjusting automatically until I could see the clip's start. Please note that the clip does NOT jump back when I release it to its position. As you can see in my scr
  15. OK, I managed to record with a free windows app... In the video, please note that I try to move the small "flag" image to the beginning of the timeline. Unfortunately, I cannot reach there! The moment that I get close, the horizontal scroller jumps and it throws me back to where I started... There seems to be a connection with zoom and the position of the red line. So, if I zoom out totally, I am able to reach the left outmost of the project. But this is a problem, since zooming out makes the clip to move smaller and smaller and impossible to grab... Especially in big projects. File
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