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  1. Hiya, when you say a blank clip, you mean a blank video right? As I'm trying a photo and it doesn't work... If I encode a photo to a video I'll be able to use that is that correct?
  2. I have two mobile phone style aspect ratio videos and I want to have them side by side on the screen at the same time so they run next to each other and it looks like the people in the videos are next to each other, I have a few ideas of how to start, ('m thinking I may have to encode the videos before I try to put them together so they have black panels either side etc) but after that really no ideas, can you help? Is it possible? Illustration picture included: https://ibb.co/M92rs4Y Thank you in advance!! 😃😃
  3. That's all sorted now thank you, but I have a follow up question if I may, when the stop watch stops, I want the time to stay on the screen, for a while, how can I do this?
  4. Hi Guys, Merry New Year!! I've just filmed a timed challenge and want to add a stopwatch to the video, that's not a problem of course, but the issue is my time was very long and I want to speed parts of it up so the viewer doesn't have to sit through the whole duration, When I do this in video pad, it cuts the stopwatch file into pieces which ruins the time and starts it from zero where the cuts are made... Is there a way of making the timer become part of the video file so ripples/cuts don't make a difference to it, or will I have to encode the video with the timer on at normal speed and then put it through videopad again making the cuts? I hope that makes sense? Thank you in advance!! 😃😃
  5. Hi Guys, I want to have two different aspect radios in one video, 16:9 letterbox and the verticle phone AR is it pan and scan? My issue is whenever I put these two AR's in a video and export it, the Pan and Scan gets squashed to the same height as the Letterbox making it tiny, is there a way to keep both AR's intact after export? Hope that made sense? Thank you!! 😂
  6. I have no such problem either, but will keep it in mind though...
  7. Ok I finally did it, not sure why I didn't think of this before, I couldn't select the whole track for some reason, it always left quite a few tiny fragments behind which were insanely difficult to put back in the sequence, soooo, I copied the whole sequence, pasted it at the end, deleted the original sequence and placed the text files in the space created, still not ideal but it worked for me. Thank you both for your time, Borate, I used the ID generator on the NCH website and that send me my code, thank you!
  8. Thank you Borate, for some reason I can only find one email from NCH which only includes my License Registration ID, where can I find my license code?
  9. Ok I have worked out what the issue is, when i was selecting track one, for some reason, maybe a bug, it did not select all of the audio track, and so when I was moving the track back, I was putting it on top of the unselected audio and that's the reason it was snapping back. When I moved it a huge amount it worked but then putting it back didn't because the unselected audio was still in its original place, just a massive bloody headache at four in the morning. I am going to start again and try selecting the track but on the audio line instead of the video, hopefully that way it will select the whole track and nothing else. Thank you both for your help I will let you know what happens... One more thing, I now have an unlicensed copy of videopad on my computer, once this is done how do I get back to where I was?
  10. Hi Nat thanks for replying, no I need the text to have a black background so
  11. Thank you Borate, we got so close!! But after the line is moved, it always snaps back, pressing alt makes no difference, it even says hold Shift to dissable snapping (see pic) but that makes no difference either... https://ibb.co/mJBQQkR
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