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  1. So version 4.1 fixes this problem, thanks very much guys. I have struck another small problem. In the subtitle editing screen there is a button for adjusting the margins around the edges of the screen for displaying the subtitles. If I have all of the subtitles selected and then adjust the vertical margin to bring the subtitles up from the bottom of the screen then the correction is only applied to one of the subtitles, not all of them. The one that gets adjusted will be which ever one was selected before I selected all subtitles. It's not a big deal, In my case it would have been handy so
  2. I reported this bug on another post. http://nch.invisionz...-to-10-seconds/ . I have not purchased the software but I would like to try installing version 4.0 to make sure it fixes my problem. I cannot submit the request to support to get the download link unless I buy the software first. I have already finished editing my videos with another program so I was not planning on buying at this stage. If you can send me a link to it that would be great. I like the software, apart from this bug, it is the best of all the ones I tried and if I have a real need for this kind of program in the future I
  3. I have been travelling so could not reply from my phone. I guess this is not important now but regarding reproducing the problem I tried applying my subtitles to a different video file and the problem did not occur so it is related to a combination of the video and subtitles. I will wait for the new release and see how it goes.
  4. I was using version 4.03 and yes the problem was the same on that. Today I used another random video of higher quality( 720P ) and added the same subtitles to that and I didn't see any problems. Then I tried stopping all the processes that I thought were unnecessary, as you suggested, with the original files and all but one of the video lock ups disappeared. I have to give up on this for now. Maybe next week I will take another look if I get some free time at home.
  5. I tried removing most of the subtitles and this stops the video freezing. I then noticed that most of the timing marks for the subtitles were not the same as the actual frame positions. So by adjusting these and coverting double lines of subtitles to single lines and removing some small single word subtitles I was able to get cure the video freeze issue for 3 out of the four locations in one video. At that point I gave up as the value of my videos does not justify the time I have to spend to resolve this. I have a work around where I simply change the project aspect ratio from 9x16 to 3x4. Thi
  6. I have been on the road so no time to play. Now i have tried exporting to file type mp4 using 2 different resolution and quality settings and with and without subtitles burned in. Every time I include the subtitles the video freezes for about 20 seconds in four places (exactly the same places) regardless of the quality and resolution settings I use. I have just installed the latest updates for my video driver and display driver and the result after that is exactly the same. On a different video the result is basically the same but the timing of when the video freezes is a bit different but
  7. second half Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxCUIServicePS.dll, 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 70144 bytes Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxCUIService.exe, 6.15.0010.3958 (English), 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 319376 bytes Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxCPL.cpl, 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 254976 bytes Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxTray.exe, 6.15.0010.3958 (English), 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 448912 bytes Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxDTCM.dll, 6.15.0010.3958 (English), 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 214016 bytes Driver: C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxHK.exe, 6.15.0010.3958 (English), 10/1/2014 18:54:24, 246672 byt
  8. No it freezes in the output file. I played the same section in the preview pane and it ran fine. I was preparing some other files while it was exporting so I tried doing it again without doing other stuff on the PC. It stopped in exactly the same places second time around. I looked at the subtitle file but there is nothing obvious there. So Far this has happened in 2 out of 2 files processed. I tried to post the output from dxdiag but the web page wont let me because it is too long. So here is the first half ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this r
  9. I have some videos which have Korean soundtrack and Thai subtitles burned in. I have english subtitles in SRT format. I have added the english subs with a black background to mask out the thai subs and exported the video in the same format as it was. Everything looks great with almost zero quality loss but every 15 minutes or so the video will freeze for about 5 to 10 seconds.I am just using the free version. I was going to buy it as it does a great job and is easy to use but if this problem persists I cant use it.
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