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  1. Hello! I am still prepared to study the various "video effects", because of the number of functions offered. But there is a variety of draw backs which are boring. subsequent use of functions influence each other. E.g. first scale an then rotate ends up in a croped, rotated image. entering numbers into the input fields (for fine adjustment or balance) seems to presume the user has attended a 4 weeks workshop to do it properly. I at least have not yet discovered the secret in which sequence the digits have to be entered to give a simple result, of 12.50, straight away. Using the up and down arrows, in some functions, seem to mix up the program. Up counts down and vice versa, both finally in one dirction only. Good ecperience: But when once an effect is set and saved, it is easy and comfortable to load it back and reuse it. Hans
  2. Hello! It works well with the same settings with MixPad Audio Mixer and Bandicam. An error message indicated there might be another app active, which is definitely not, even after rebooting the system. Thanks for using your brain Hans
  3. Hello, I am about getting mad. Submitting the error report form reults in ablank page with the URL http://cgi.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/c-de.exe. The enter key reults in: "Formular unvollständig Sie haben das Formular nicht vervollständigt. Klicken Sie die Zurück-Taste und füllen Sie es jetzt aus." I "refilled it out" several times no change.
  4. Hello! I had processed a video of 1 h and 12 min length and it run through without problems. The next day I started exporting a 4 min video, after 99% processing the program stopped. No crash, just stood there and smiled at me. The Task Manager reports "running". This happens with all the different settings i tried. According to my web-search, this phenomena seems to occur often. I am taking advantage of the free license offer, since I am using VideoPad only for my Hobby (Train Simulation and a Charity Project) Helpful hints are very welcome Hans
  5. Hallo! Bisher stellte das System die Frage wo der Clip in die Sequenz eingeordnet werden soll und ob es ein Overlay werden soll. Bei dieser Version fehlt dieser Komfort. Österliche Grüße Hans
  6. Hi! In dieser Version ist alles viel professioneller. Als Home User und kein Profi finde ich solch simple Features wie scrollen eines Abspanntextes nicht. Unter "Video-Effects" finde ich zwar "Motions", damit komme ich aber nicht zurecht. Müssen neue Versionen immer so gewaltig vom Gewohnten abweichen? Bei der Vorversion war das so einfach wie im Windows Movie Maker. Danke für den Tipp! Hans
  7. WOW ! This is quite a change. Did I fail to read "what is new with this version"? I must admit that I may be biased by the joky answer "new bugs". Beeing a noncommercial user, I still want all the fancy new features. And I am a more intuitve user, who uses to read a manual in the second step preferably, which does not work with the new version anymore. Thank you for your quick and informative answer. Hans
  8. Hello Community, I consider myself to have been a kind of advanved user before upgrading to V3.29. After having installed V.3.29 I was faced with a different user interface. So far, so good. I got used to it. What drives me craczy is the fact that the audi track splits without any action from my side, when I am changing something in the Video track and the other way round.. Or one track (e.g. video) splits and shifts clips in the other (e.g. audio) and vice versa. Finally I get screwed up and discard the work to start from an empty project. In the course of the discirbed mess, clips are duplicated an modified in length. Do I have to study the manual before continuing using the program or consume tudorial videos, or is this a bug? Thanks for investing your time to read my post. Hans
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